Project Picture Day

Project Picture Day is a not for profit organization fostering emotional development of students. Their projects reach underserved communities on a global scale through organized school picture days. Their mission is to provide meaningful and educational experiences for students of all ages.


As a new non-profit organization, Project Picture Day, Inc. came to us with the need to build a beautiful representation of what their organization stood for, which is helping people all over the world create and keep tangible memories through photographs.

Our Techniques

We took a completely custom approach to designing a beautiful, full browser, responsive, parallax web experience. Photograph’s are at the core of what PPD does and we wanted those visuals to tell a story on the web.

The Result

A well-polished website that a client loves is why we do what we do. It doesn’t get any better than that! We are extremely proud of the end-result of this Project Picture Day, Inc. project and can’t wait for them to travel the world and make more incredible memories for children everywhere.

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