Metromint (A Crystal Geyser beverage brand) is a delicious national mint water brand that came to us with the need to create a website with color and personality. Their products include 7 all-natural mint water flavors.


California based, Metromint, needed a website experience to be pure, invigorating, and as enjoyable as their mint water beverage products. We wanted to capture the existing personality and freshness that Metromint has and bring their flavors to life on the web.

Our Techniques

Early on, in the planning phase, we decided we wanted people to smile when experiencing the website, not once but a few times throughout their visit. This idea described Metromint; fun, friendly, fresh, and happy people. With that in mind we took Metromint’s “colored dots” branding and played around with them in the design phase. We were really having fun with all the different design ideas. We also knew we wanted their 7 colors to play a role in the site experience. We decided to allow people to “browse by flavor”, therefore allowing visitors to change the theme of the website to their favorite flavor and experience Metromint in the visual of their choice. This was a big hit with the client and we received great feedback from many of their existing customers.

The Result

A website that felt natural, pleasant and pure was our objective. We were extremely excited with the end result of This nationally distributed  brand needed a stunning representation of their product and we know we succeeded in doing just that. We feel the chic simplicity of our approach aligned perfectly with our clients’ vision and is now a big help to happy consumers looking for their delicious mint water. Yum!


More Details

Thank you to the team at Metromint for allowing us to express our vision for your product. Keep making delicious beverages! We at MDG love your product!

Project Components

  • Website Development
  • Online Marketing Consulting

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