Kathleen Bivona


Kathleen Bivona is an Interior Designer that specializes in custom closet and storage designs with a passion for helping people organize and beautify their homes.


Kathleen came to us with a need of website design and video production services.

Our Techniques

Our goal was to take Kathleen’s professionalism, personality and passion and translate that into finished products. While making the video, we were given complete creative control on how to capture her process on screen. We crafted an interview style script and was able to film all footage at one of her previous clients’ home. We wanted to tell her story, and we feel the video does that. In designing her website, we wanted a very photo and video driven design approach that highlighted Kathleen’s work. We were able to customize a layout and user experience around the content that was produced.

The Result

Kathleen and her circle we’re completely blown away with the results. They felt we captured her true essence and enthusiasm on camera. They described our work as far exceeding their expectations.

More Details

Thank you Kathleen Bivona for allowing us to express our vision for your products. Please continue to make people’s living environments beautiful.

Project Components

  • Website Customization
  • Video Production

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1501 Broadway, 12th Floor
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