DLE Event Group


MDG’s founder, Daniel Linares, also founded DLE Event Group; a full service entertainment company specializing in high-end weddings, corporate, and other private events. They are a team of NY’s finest DJs, MCs, and performers; plus, photographers and videographers available for you to select from. DLE Event Group is backed by an award winning reputation.


DLE Event Group is a company that transforms the vision of their clients into high energy private events hosted with poise and professionalism. Here at MDG, we needed to transfer that elegance onto the web and make luxury entertainment the forefront of the look and feel of the user experience. We produced several videos that we co-wrote and directed which helps showcase their wedding and corporate services.

Our Techniques

The sitemap of this website was quite extensive. We needed to make sure that building out each of the sections was scalable as the website grows. Built on a custom content management system, we made sure the backend was super easy to use for DLE’s team. We made sure the coding of the website was responsive and optimally displayed across different web-enabled devices. One of the videos we produced is below. Enjoy!

The Result

We are very proud of the minimalistic design approach that was taken. A colorful design palette injects fun and excitement into the overall aesthetics. We feel this end-product stands out as a leader in entertainment in the New York City/ Tri-state area.



More Details

These guys know how to host high-energy events. We were happy to be a part of this collaboration. Thanks for learning about this project!

Project Components

  • Custom CMS
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Website
  • Video Production

From the Portfolio


1501 Broadway, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10036‏